Letter: Retain voices of reasonable council



The attempt to install roundabouts on state Highway 14 at the intersections of Washougal River Road and 32nd Street ended when these two roundabouts were eliminated from the six-year transportation plan.

Councilors Jennifer McDaniel, Michael Delavar, Dave Shoemaker and Jon Russell voted to eliminate the roundabouts while, true to form, Molly Coston, Rod Morris and Paul Greenlee voted to keep roundabouts. Could you vote for the council members who have disregarded the majority who said no to roundabouts? We need voices of reason on Washougal’s City Council who have and will vote “no” on anyone’s pet project.

Retain McDaniel and Delavar and vote for Connie Jo Freeman and Caryn Plinski.

These four will listen, then vote to protect your interests.

Harvey Olson