Letter: Foster parents deserve gratitude



The Sept. 26 story “Former addicts share with foster care” reported that former addicts want to send a message to foster parents who raise their needy children for them. They want to let foster parents know how hard it is for them.

How about acknowledging how hard it is for foster parents?

There are so many children in foster care who need permanent homes, who need to be adopted because their parents won’t get their acts together. These parents let their children languish in the uncertainty for years even.

Only when the foster family seeks to adopt those children they’ve loved and cared for so openheartedly, then the parents clean up their act. How heartbreaking for the foster parents who love these children like their own so much they want to adopt them. Only to have them ripped from their stable home and put back with the same parents who risked their little lives before. Imagine the tears of that foster mother, having to say goodbye and hope for the best for that child.

If those birth parents want to give a message to foster parents, try saying thank you.

Eva Luchini