Letter: Undecided voter struggles



As a young and upcoming voter, I’m struggling to find my place between the two extreme, uncompromising political movements of my time, the “small government” conservatives and “big government” liberals.

At first I found refuge in the Republican Party, corresponding to my ideal of minimal government intrusion, but soon I found myself sprinting away from the extreme stances on social issues, which in reality threaten even more egregious government intrusion into private life. From there, one possible solution came from the Libertarian movement; yet these candidates have been deemed “unelectable” by their own party.

It seems as if the Republican Party only supports liberty when it correctly coincides with the ideals of their religious, socially conservative support base, or with those of the corporations that fund their campaigns. If you support individual freedom, you shouldn’t presume to judge the morality of individual behavior.

So my question is: Where can I find a productive outlet for my moderate position in a system that demands alignment with specific ideology?

Tra Friesen