Letter: Neighboring state exploitative



It will be found to be unjust and unwise for the Vancouver City Council and Clark County Commissioners to deprive the residents of Clark County the right to vote on bringing light rail into the city. This is just another ploy of Portland to support the ridership of the Interstate Avenue MAX line.

As a senior, like many in Clark County, I need to cross the river to obtain medical services, and tolls would be a hardship. Residents of Southwest Washington already have ample opportunity to support Portland and Oregon with income taxes paid by Washington residents working in Oregon and the no sales tax to entice us to shop there. What is next for those of us who cross over the bridge into Oregon?

Will Oregon be the prime collection agency for tolls? Will those operating the tolling agency be employees of Oregon state? When will those of us living in Southwest Washington wise up to how we are being used by our southern neighbor?

Also, C-Tran proposes to raise our local sales tax with Proposition 1. Will we also be taxed to support operation and maintenance of light rail? What other burdens do the powers-that-be want to place on us?

John A. Nyberg