Letter: ‘Class warfare’ molded to fit policies



I am curious as to why people refer to a return to previous tax rates on the wealthy as class warfare. The wealthy have been waging scorched Earth class warfare against the middle and lower classes, using lobbyists, money, think tanks, tax policy, trade policy, corporate controlled “news,” and outright corruption to mold public policy into a profitable affair.

The periods of greatest job creation, economic growth, and lowest deficits were from World War II to the 1970s (tax rates on the highest earners as much as 91 percent). During the 1990s, Ronald Reagan tax cuts reversed and this produced the projected surplus under Bill Clinton). The greatest deficits and poorest job statistics existed when the tax rates on the wealthiest have been lowered (Reagan, George Bush, George W. Bush, and President Obama, so far).

Under the protection of free speech, people lie about this stuff.

Steve Rapalus