Letter: C-Tran is worthy of our support



I am supporting Proposition 1 to make sure vital basic public transportation is available in our community. The Nov. 8 ballot issue seeks approval to add a sales tax of two pennies on every $10 purchase. The additional funds would be used to maintain existing service levels and accommodate growth in federally mandated (but unfunded) transit services for the disabled. This has triggered the expected “don’t raise my taxes” knee-jerk reaction from some elements of our community.

Recent letters to the editor might lead readers to conclude erroneously that C-Tran has been wasteful and careless and does not deserve passage of this measure. Facts are that C-Tran has cut expenses and eaten into surplus funds while accommodating greater demand for service. It is now at a tipping point and must ask for additional public support to maintain service. Without approval, some routes and Sunday and holiday service are gone.

One of the keys to a strong community is a healthy transit system that enables economic growth and gets people where they need to go. Proposition 1 is worth our support. If you’re concerned about how the money is spent, take an active role in holding elected officials accountable and demanding efficiency in providing this crucial civic service.

David Olson