Letter: Founding documents are inspired



If you hold that the Constitution is law, and the Constitution is inspired, then I assume you understand that inspired means “of God.” It speaks against entangling foreign alliances. To do otherwise is to ignore God’s desire in these things, no? So simply because politicians say so, or because it’s been done before, or because it’s expedient, or because it scares us what might happen next — the law remains the law.

As a nation we no longer hold to the truths that were once self-evident. We have strayed widely from our founding and may have created the very problem we find ourselves facing today. That said, our government is restricted by law from involving itself in the affairs of other nations. As individuals, that same law protects us when we lend our time and treasure to our friends. Our founding documents are inspired. You alter, ignore and violate them at your peril. In doing so you may actually be working against the will of your Creator.

I support Israel. I make that known in my business and in my financial contributions. I denounce and abhor enemies, foreign and domestic, of her people and ours. I support Ron Paul.

Debbie Higley