Letter: Unions got Americans decent wages



Unions got Americans decent wages

Ah, the thuggery of unions, such are many opinions in The Columbian. You should fear more foreign companies who come here with promises of decent jobs, receive tax breaks, then proceed to hire employees at cut-rate wages, like in Longview.

We had a job fair in Vancouver. More than 1,600 people showed up to get moderate to minimal wage-per-hour jobs. You couldn’t raise a gerbil family on that. American and foreign corporations who pay poor wages and no taxes steal a decent life from hard-working Americans. Our politicians let them do it. Your children will never have prosperous lives with these wages. America will never prosper again. We have built a society that demands a decent wage to live in it. Without it, we will slide back to the 19th century — the few haves, with the rest starving. You want this? Just keep bashing those who try to prevent it.

Bill Kelley