Letter: Jesus’ message misunderstood



Paul Holmes’ comment in his Oct. 4 letter, “It’s good to give,” reminds us that Jesus is getting misquoted a lot lately. Holmes chastises our Christian nation for under-serving the poor. Yet in fact, Jesus’ Good Samaritan parable shows that He is only concerned about personal charity — charity from person to person — not about tax money. Holmes is not alone in his misunderstanding of Jesus’ teaching.

President Obama and many of his cadre follow the “collective salvation” wherein we are judged by God, not for our personal actions, but by the action/inaction of our particular race. The fact is that U.S. citizens, regularly maligned by the media, foreign countries, and Holmes, give more to personal charity worldwide than all other countries combined — $98 billion in 2008. According to Jesus’ actual teachings, we are judged by our personal acts of charity, not for paying government taxes. We cannot simply give up our charitable responsibilities to a faceless government to do with as they please. Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.” We give to the poor for God’s purposes, not the government’s.

Frank Bair