Letter: Services affected if I-1183 passes



Will Initiative 1183 make buying alcohol safer? No. Liquor will become much more available and we’ll see problems increase. It’s projected we will go from about 330 stores to 1,500 stores. Washington now has the best compliance rate in the nation, at 95 percent, in preventing alcohol sales to minors. Alcohol kills more kids than all other drugs combined. There is no price tag you can place on the injury or loss of life as a result of more and easier access to alcohol.

Is Initiative 1183 going to make more money for the state? No. I believe it will make less, much, much less. The Washington State Liquor Control Board returned more than $425 million to the state, cities and counties in 2011. Clark County received nearly $4 million with over $2 million of that going to the city of Vancouver. These dollars go for crucial services such as education, health, police, and fire safety. Our state budget is already in a critical state of affairs and we can not afford to lose these dollars to big corporations.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Please vote “no” on I-1183.

Caroline Meredith