Talking Points: First Amendment in action



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


We’re guessing that Hank Williams Jr. will never be mistaken for a Constitutional scholar.

Days after Williams expressed his opinion of President Obama, ESPN announced Thursday that Williams’ iconic “All My Rowdy Friends” no longer will be used as the opening for Monday Night Football. Williams countered by saying they didn’t fire him, he quit.

“You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech …” Williams wrote on his Web site.

Au contraire. Williams has every right to express his opinion; nobody prevented him from enjoying his First Amendment benefits. But ESPN has a right to employ whomever it chooses. Maybe Williams can spend his free time brushing up on the Constitution.


The NFL announced the other day that, for the first time, fans will be allowed to attend Super Bowl Media Day. Up to 5,000 fans will be allowed into the stadium while up to 3,000 media members interview players.

Surely, nothing could be more fan-friendly than listening to Gilbert Gottfried or some other “media” member sent by Comedy Central to interview Tom Brady about his hair. Could it?

On the other hand, that might be the most entertaining thing to do in Indianapolis on a Tuesday in late January.


We love some of the names given to NASCAR races these days.

Looking ahead to next weekend, the Nationwide series will face the apparently daunting task of the Dollar General 300 Miles of Courage.

That will be followed at Charlotte by the NASCAR Sprint Cup race Bank of America 500.

No word if the drivers will have to pay a $5 surcharge for each lap completed.

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