Letter: Conservatives and compassion mix?



I ordinarily don’t watch reality shows, but decided to watch the Republican debates. While they lacked attributes of scholastic debate — logic, evidence, and organization — they did provide insight into the participants.

This includes not just debaters, but also the audience. It cheered executions without regard to actual guilt or innocence and virtually yelled “die” for anyone without health insurance.

This gave me an idea how to raise government revenue without raising taxes. These people represent millions who would probably gladly pay to see executions, either live at the site or on a pay-per-view basis.

I know, executions should be bloodier and slower, but many would still take joy in seeing the hypodermic highball injected. They could pray for some medical mistake to prolong suffering.

Also, we could have a national reality show for those dying without insurance; call it “American Death Watch.” Government could take bets on when patients would die.

James D. Patton