Letter: We handicap those enforcing our laws



I congratulate editors for the Sept. 20 Opinion page. First, the cartoon regarding Solyndra was right on. Then came Thomas Sowell’s column, “Job speech insulted our intelligence,” another winner.

I just returned from a trip to Indiana and I made a few observations. This country is scared to death of the terrorists; we are living in absolute fear. We have tied our police departments’ hands, they cannot profile, yet what do the terrorists look like? What do the inmates of our prisons look like? Why can’t our law enforcement folks check out the lookalikes?

Our TSA folks are even handicapped. They are not allowed to pull anyone out of line who simply looks suspicious. We are not allowed to carry more than three ounces of liquids. How many ounces of nitroglycerin does it take to blow an airplane apart? Fear has conquered this country.

Jim Souder