N. Idaho fuel pipe shut down after pressure drops



BOISE, Idaho (AP) — ConocoPhillips has shut down an underground diesel fuel and gas pipeline that crosses northern Idaho because of a pressure drop and is having to truck fuel to its distribution center in Spokane, Wash.

Company spokesman Jeff Callender says workers on Sunday hadn’t yet determined the reason for the pressure drop. He says a special instrument sent through a five-mile section of the 10-inch diameter pipe on Saturday between the Idaho towns of Enaville and Cataldo found no leaks.

He says fuel hasn’t been detected outside the pipe but as a precaution floating booms have been placed across the Coeur d’Alene River in two places.

He says workers immediately shut down the pipe when the pressure drop occurred Oct. 1.

The pipe carries fuel from the company’s refinery in Billings, Mont.