Talking Points: It’s all about the quality of games



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Baseball has enjoyed a remarkable week-and-a-half. What happened a week ago Wednesday has been hailed as the most exciting day of the regular season in the sport’s history. The first round of the playoffs saw three series go the maximum five games. And Friday yielded two memorable Game 5s on the NL side of the bracket.

It has been good for bringing attention to the sport and cultivating new fans, but we’re guessing that everybody is celebrating. With the Yankees and Phillies losing in the first round — and the Red Sox, Mets, Cubs, White Sox, Dodgers, and Angels missing the playoffs — it’s unlikely that all the excitement on the field will turn into exciting TV ratings. We’re pretty sure that network executives aren’t excited about the prospect of a Brewers-Rangers World Series.

But that’s OK. The cities involved might not be big, but if the games are thrilling the sport will generate interest that will pay off down the road.


This Monday, for the first time since 1989, somebody other than Hank Williams Jr. will introduce Monday Night Football to the country. And that somebody is …Barry Sanders.

Sanders won’t be singing, but he will narrate the opening segment. At least, that’s what he revealed on his Twitter account. With Monday Night Football returning to Detroit for the first time in years, we think there’s nobody better than Sanders to welcome football fans to Detroit. If ESPN continues to make inspired choices for the intro, fans soon will say, “Hank Williams Who?”

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