Most read stories on, week of Oct. 2



Most read stories on last week:

No. 1) Fourth Plain standoff ends peacefully

Vancouver Police, including SWAT officers, blocked off a section of Fourth Plain Boulevard after hearing reports of an armed suicidal man in the area. The standoff ended peacefully about 10 a.m. when the man surrendered.

No. 2) 2 cat shooters sentenced to more than a year

Judge Rich Melnick looked out into the courtroom. In several rows sat owners of injured cats. They had filed to the front and described the injuries inflicted on their pets, named Groucho, Amber and Scrapper. One was shot in the eye; another one in the leg; another, the face.

In other rows sat the defendants’ family and friends, who gave another account: defendants Jaren Koistinen, 17, Mitchell Kangas, 16, and Riley Munger, 17, were never violent; they were model students, hard workers and had never had run-ins with the law, they said.

No. 3) Occupy Portland crowd on the march

The Occupy Wall Street movement came to Portland Thursday in a peaceful demonstration that began along the Willamette River, wound through the streets of Portland and concluded in Lownsdale Square, a park across the street from federal court.

No. 4) Name released in crash near Oregon Coast

Tyler Flowers, 19, of Vancouver was listed in critical condition at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Tuesday morning, according to an Oregon State Police bulletin.

No. 5) Vancouver school board candidate queried on racy photos

Vancouver school board candidate Bob Travis said his Facebook page that showed revealing, suggestive photographs of young women — some headlined “jailbait” — was a “stupid idea” and will be taken down.