Police: Suspect admits killing woman in Wash.



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Police in Washington say a woman suspected of killing four people in a Northwest crime spree has admitted to one of the slayings.

Investigators said Monday that Holly Grigsby told them she fatally stabbed Leslie Pedersen, who is the stepmother of Grigsby’s boyfriend.

Grigsby’s boyfriend, David Joseph Pedersen, is also accused in the killing spree that spanned Washington state, Oregon and California.

Grigsby says she and Pedersen planned to kill his father for allegedly molesting his sister when they were younger.

Police say Pedersen planned to shoot his father, David Jones Pedersen, as the older man was driving the pair in his Jeep in Everett, Wash.

They say Grigsby told them that the pair then went back to the Pedersen home, where she stabbed Leslie Pedersen.