Letter: Lung cancer warrants attention, too



I applaud the “Pink Power” breast cancer awareness fundraiser and so many who support their cause. I only wish that the invisible disease, lung cancer, had that support as well. It kills more women than breast cancer. I have tried for the last seven years to get the attention to the disease that it deserves, only to be told that it isn’t the “designer disease.” That is a terrible remark to make to a survivor or someone going through the treatment, be it breast cancer or lung cancer.

I am a member of the Board for “Caring Ambassadors for Lung Cancer” and we had to cancel this year’s bowl-a-thon for lung cancer because we could not get the support needed. It makes me sad to see that happen and not get attention for the most horrible disease that kills so many women and men.

I think most people think that lung cancer is caused only by smoking and that is not the case. I support all cancer events and applaud “Pink Power.” Keep up the good work.

Roberta “Birdie” Urban