Letter: Medicare answers not forthcoming



We received in the mail a glossy flier from RetireSafe, apparently a right-wing lobby group that relinquishes no information about itself on the flier and close to no information about itself at its murky website. No address or phone number is provided. The flier blathers on about Medicare Part D, revealing that Medicare Part D is a very successful, well-liked program, that 90 percent of its participants are satisfied with it. Not exactly hot news.

There is also a peculiar statement that Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler knows it is a good program, and then questions why she is “fighting” to protect Medicare Part D. Her telephone number is provided and the reader is urged to telephone her to “thank her for standing up for America’s seniors,” something one never notices her doing.

When I telephoned the number and asked what Herrera Beutler has done to protect Medicare, Medicare Part D, and Social Security, the person who answered requested my name and address and said, “I will pass that along to our Washington office.”

Not only does our representative refuse to have regular open meetings, her staff cannot answer routine questions from constituents. The arrogance and ignorance are breathtaking.

Ellen Smart