Seattle police arresting Occupy Seattle protesters



SEATTLE (AP) -- Occupy Seattle protesters running a live video feed from their corporate power protest at Seattle's Westlake Park say police have started making arrests. They say at least four people have been arrested.

Organizers describe police as being "very respectful." Earlier in the day, Assistant Police Chief Mike Sanford said while police have been lenient about enforcing city law against camping in parks, that would change Thursday night. The park closed at 10 p.m.

Police did not immediately return a call to confirm the arrests and provide details.

Earlier, about two dozen protesters moved to City Hall Plaza, where Mayor Mike McGinn has said they are welcome to camp. Dozens also protested outside the downtown hotel where Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had a private fundraiser Thursday. They carried signs including one that said, "Romney is the 1 percent" -- a reference to what the demonstrators describe as the concentration of wealth among a small slice of the population.