Letter: Richest 1 percent enjoy benefits



I read with interest Allen J. Anderson’s impassioned Oct. 5 letter, “Right to work is right thing for state,” suggesting that Washington’s constitution be amended to provide “right-to-work” provisions for companies, permitting them to replace any worker who desires to work for wages and/or benefits higher than those the employer wants to offer. It seems to me that, with any need for collective bargaining removed, the employer could simply post job descriptions, accept closed bids, and hire the lowest bidder for the job. This would be just one more step, along with “corporate personhood,” to changing our Constitution to provide for “government of the people, by the companies, for the greedy.”

Perhaps we focus too much on the “ills of union representation,” while ignoring the votes our elected representatives continue to cast that benefit big business and the 1 percent, and not small (local) business or the other 99 percent.

Russell Williams