Oil company finds no leaks in N. Idaho pipeline



CATALDO, Idaho (AP) — Officials for oil company ConocoPhillips say they have not been able to detect any leaks in a six-mile stretch of gasoline pipeline that runs across northern Idaho.

Spokesman Jeff Callender says the company restarted the pipeline Tuesday.

The company shut down the line Sept. 29 for operational reasons, then two days later discovered a drop in pressure. Company officials then began performing a series of tests to determine if the line was leaking in a stretch between Cataldo and Enaville.

Callender says crews were unable to find any problems or irregularities. He says the company is confident in the reliability of the pipeline.

The company has also taken several environmental precautions, including installing booms along three sections where the pipeline is buried under the riverbed of the Coeur d’Alene River.