Duke back-to-back title teams get documentary



NEW YORK (AP) — Duke’s back-to-back title teams are the latest college basketball squads from the early 1990s to get the documentary treatment.

Former Blue Devils stars Grant Hill and Christian Laettner are executive producers on the film marking the 20th anniversary of their 1991 and ’92 NCAA championships. The movie is scheduled to air before the start of the NCAA tournament in March.

Hill became enmeshed last March with a documentary about the Fab Five, the Michigan freshmen who lost to Duke in the 1992 final. Hill wrote a column for The New York Times criticizing Jalen Rose’s use of the phrase “Uncle Toms” in the film, which the former Wolverines player produced.

“Duke ’91 & ’92” will air on truTV, one of the Turner networks that broadcast NCAA tournament games.