Letter: Cantor doesn’t understand ‘mobs’



So Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., is concerned about the growing “mobs” across the country with their demonstrations. He knows the real reasons why they are demonstrating, but he’s not going to tell us that.

These “mobs” are people who have been laid off, or had their pay cut. They have lost some or all of their benefits, had their jobs shipped out of the country, they are running out of unemployment or have lost it completely and are without health care. At the same time, some or most corporations are handing out bonus checks.

Cantor has a nice regular paycheck. He has all the benefits that can be imagined, along with a nice comfortable health care plan for him and his family, and he will enjoy a handsome pension. To me, it’s kind of comical in a way and hypocritical because these are all the things Cantor is against for the poor, the middle class and the elderly.

I will support all those “mobs” across this great country of ours and some day Cantor just might know what those “mobs” mean to all of us, but I doubt it.

Richard C. Mason