Chance to save a few cents tips off police of alleged thief using stolen credit card

By Mark Bowder, Columbian Assistant Metro Editor



It’s something many of us do without a second thought: punch in your phone number at the check stand for your supermarket membership program.

A discount’s a discount, right?

But thinking twice might have better served a Vancouver man who is now under arrest after he entered in his phone number at an area grocery store — and allegedly paid for the purchase with a stolen credit card.

Darren W. Olson, 31, was booked Friday on suspicion of two counts of forgery and one count of 3rd degree theft, according to Vancouver Police Department Officer Ilia Botvinnik.

Olson is suspected in an Aug. 8 case in which a man stole a purse from an office near Westfield Vancouver mall and used its owner’s credit cards to go on a shopping spree. The victim appealed for help through interviews with The Columbian and a Portland television station.

Botvinnik said police appreciate the tips received, though in this case, the alleged thief’s own fingers cracked the case.

There’s no word on whether he got the discount.