Talking Points: Mega-conference forms



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The first shot has been fired across the bow of the college football landscape with the announcement of a 22-team mega-conference.

But the joining of the Mountain West and Conference USA doesn’t exactly scream out power conference, does it?

Reports say how this could all change next week with the Big East set to invite programs such as Boise State and Air Force into its fold.

Two things are at work here: 1) MW/CUSA wants inclusion into the BCS picture and figures it can accomplish that with a 22-team league; and 2) the Big East just wants to remain in existence with its BCS status intact with or without the “East” designation.

The deciding factor in all of this will be TV money.


The world’s No. 2 tennis player, Rafael Nadal, said he will skip a Wimbledon warmup tournament in London next June because it will cost him money.

Overseas athletes are taxed on prize money and appearance fees in Britain, and also on a proportion of their worldwide endorsement earnings.

In the end, isn’t it really the fans who pay?

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