Letter: Vote ‘no’ on Proposition 1



I voted for the C-Tran measure in 2005, and would really like to vote for the upcoming Proposition 1 measure on Nov. 8, but to do so would only encourage further mismanagement by C-Tran administrators. I believed them in 2005 when they spoke about how desperately new funding was needed, and how they would make C-Tran a viable, strong, and efficient transit operation. Now they’re back again with the same woeful tale. They haven’t made C-Tran viable, strong, or efficient.

Their spokespeople even try to convince us that there is no linkage between this November’s vote and the future of light rail in Clark County. “It’s a separate issue” they insist. Well, it’s not. According a July 26 story “Bridging funding for Columbia River Crossing” by Andrea Damewood, there is a definite connection between Proposition 1 and federal funding of the light rail portion of CRC.

I believe that a healthy transit system is important to the economic, civic, and cultural vitality of Clark County and deserves our support, but to support this system, this administration, and this board of directors is wrong and will only lead to larger problems down the road. I urge a “no” vote on Proposition 1.

Craig Sayre