Letter: Passage of tax will maintain transit



I agree with Bob Moser, who in an Oct. 10 letter, “Good citizens help those in need,” said he has noticed there are now more people at C-Tran bus stops. On 136th Avenue, in front of the library and Firstenburg Center, people of all ages, including families, are regularly waiting at that stop. And further down the street, by WinCo, people are waiting for the bus while holding onto their groceries and children. A significant number of people rely on public transportation either because they can’t afford to own and maintain a car or because of physical issues.

Passage of Proposition 1 will allow these people to continue to use public transportation to go to the doctor, grocery store, recreation activities or to see friends. Proposition 1 is only about maintaining the current C-Tran schedule. It is not about light rail and not about enhancing service. Those of us who can drive wherever and whenever we want need to support Proposition 1. It’s the least we can do.

Bobbi Olson