Letter: Wealth of a few protected by party



People are unemployed and desperate. Health care’s been cut for the poor. Heating bill help for the elderly and help to keep fragile seniors in their own homes has been cut. America’s infrastructure is crumbling. Help for newborns and about-to-be-borns has been curtailed. Americans face extreme cuts across the board that will lead to further unemployment and pain for the unemployed, underemployed and poorest Americans.

Only in America would the greed of a party that protects the wealthy and corporations from taxation while making the plight of the poor ever more dire be rewarded with even one vote. One would have to be blind not to see that the Republican Tea Party defends the fat wallets of the wealthiest Americans while caring not a whit for the empty pockets of the poor.

If Christ returned today, what would he say about the situation? Wait — supposedly, we have his words on the subject. Whew, reading them, I’m glad I’m not a Christian. I’d be so ashamed of my brothers in Christ who support the wealth of a few over the poverty of the many, I wouldn’t be able to show my face in public and claim I was a Christian. I’d feel immoral.

George Thomas