Oregon drug dog nabs Vancouver suspect

Search turns up $100,000 cash at his home



ALBANY, Ore. — A traffic stop on Interstate 5 involving a Vancouver man has led to one of the biggest drug busts in the Albany, Ore., police department’s history.

Police went to Vancouver, where they recovered more than $100,000, as well as records and small bags consistent with a drug dealing operation.

According to Albany police officer Aaron Davis, at 8:28 a.m. Tuesday, Oregon State Police stopped a white 1994 Ford F150 pickup on southbound Interstate 5 south of Albany for failing to maintain its lane.

Drug dog Hutch was called and he sniffed out what police described as a brick of methamphetamine weighing more than a pound, hidden inside a “common, everyday item” inside the car, Davis said.

“Ninety-nine cops out of 100” would not have suspected the item contained a controlled substance, he said, but the dog found it. Davis wouldn’t identify the item.

Jesus Bruno-Sanchez, 29, was lodged at the Linn County Jail in Albany. Police thsn got a search warrant for Bruno-Sanchez’s home in Vancouver and searched it Tuesday night.

They found more than $100,000 in cash, as well as documents, cell phones and drug-packaging supplies.

Bruno-Sanchez faces charges of unlawful meth possession, unlawful meth delivery and two conspiracy counts.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold was also listed, meaning the agency believes Bruno-Sanchez is in the country illegally.

“This is the largest bust in APD history,” said Davis. “Without the use of the canine, there is a good chance it would not have been found.”

Albany police were assisted locally by Oregon State Police and the Corvallis Police Department, said Capt. Eric Carter.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as members of the Clark-Skamania Drug Task Force, assisted in Vancouver.

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