‘Yes’ on 2 Resolutions

Bipartisan measures warrant voters' support



The three big stars on the statewide elections stage this fall are Initiative 1125 (regarding transportation spending), Initiative 1163 (training and other requirements for long-term care workers) and Initiative 1183 (privatizing state liquor sales and distribution).

However, two Senate Joint Resolutions (SJR) also are on all ballots in the state. Here’s how The Columbian feels about those two ballot measures:

SJR 8205

Passed unanimously by both the Senate and House, this measure would remove an inoperative provision from the state constitution regarding the length of time a voter must reside in Washington to vote for president and vice president. The clarification of residency requirements presents no major change in election procedures. The Columbian strongly recommends a “Yes” vote.

SJR 8206

This proposed amendment to the state constitution would direct a portion of “extraordinary” revenue (above 133 percent of historical average growth) to the state’s rain day fund. The legislation passed unanimously in the Senate and by a 76-10 vote in the House. For this SJR as well, The Columbian strongly recommends a “Yes” vote.

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