Letter: C-Tran needs cutting back



C-Tran should be asking for less tax money, not more. It is an extremely inefficient transit system. Mostly-empty buses, most of the time, on too many routes, are common.

Many routes could be eliminated and very few people would be inconvenienced.

Good examples are the buses I observe running through Felida and Salmon Creek areas. Seldom more than one or two people, and sometimes no people, are riding.

C-Tran’s ridership numbers are self-reported. Taxpayers need an independent audit of actual ridership. Do your own.

Look at the number of people on the buses and at the bus stops. Compare your observations with their ridership numbers.

Off the main routes, such as Mill Plain, Fourth Plain, and Andresen, you’ll see how few people are riding and how much the system could and should cut back.

C-Tran management seems to have a blind ambition to be a big city bus line in an area that doesn’t have a densely populated city. That’s irrational and costly to the taxpayers.

Don’t vote for an unwarranted tax increase to feed this bloated whale. C-Tran is taking too much of our money now.

Paul Rollins