Letter: Initiative 1163 should be defeated



Those of us on Washington’s Medicaid home care do not need Service Employees International Union’s Initiative 1163 requiring extra training of our care persons.

Our caregivers will be running all over the county to get the 75 hours of classes done by people who just yesterday were caregivers themselves.

We need these people in our homes. Much of the work our attendants are doing are skilled medical procedures. They learn it from visiting nurses and hospitals, not SEIU crash-course graduates.

When an aged quadriplegic bed patient needs to be turned every two hours, it is often a two-person procedure. Sometimes two people are just not available, and there may be situations where the home care RN thinks the bed patient needs to be admitted to the hospital, but they will not take that man or woman.

Much of this is budget driven. Whatever SEIU does will be the cheapest way and often inadequate.

One good thing done by SEIU recently is a DVD training at-home program done by nursing professionals.

Jerry Daniel