Letter: East County Fire & Rescue



A vote against the East County Fire & Rescue commissioners up for re-election could result in elimination of volunteers and could increase taxes. Don’t be fooled by statements that paid departments are better. Whether you are a paid firefighter or a volunteer, you are trained to the same state and federal guidelines. Current commissioners, staff and responders all work hard to see that the department delivers high-quality service at the lowest possible cost to residents. All three challengers are currently employed in or have retired from paid firefighting positions. Retain current ECFR commissioners and let them continue to serve the community.

Harry L. Goodnight Jr.


Thomas Gianatasio is seeking election to the position of fire commissioner Position 5 for the East County Fire & Rescue. I have known Gianatasio since he moved to Washougal. I find him very passionate about the safety of our community.

He is a retired professional firefighter of 36 years, and has been a volunteer firefighter for five years. He comes to us well qualified. He has a strong sense of community and what is needed for ECFR. I find him to be a person of integrity and compassion. He will serve our county well.

Keri Houston