Letter: Vancouver City Council



It would be good if Vancouver City Council Position 5 candidate Cory Barnes consistently drove within the speed limit. If would be better if Barnes’ opponent — incumbent council member Larry Smith — respected Clark County residents’ freedom to drive across the Columbia River, unburdened by exorbitant tolls imposed to subsidize a Vancouver light-rail boondoggle few will use. Smith shows no such respect by proudly supporting what I would describe as the CRC’s “tolls for light rail” scheme. By contrast, Barnes opposes the CRC’s regime of heavy tolls and needless light rail. Smith abuses everyone’s freedom to drive. This is the greater infraction.

John Burke


Bart Hansen believes in achieving adequate police, fire and EMS protection in Vancouver. He was the only council member to vote against budget cuts that closed Fire Station 6.

Hansen attends neighborhood association meetings and works to address concerns first hand. He serves on the Children’s Justice Board and the Elder Justice Board. He represents all voices in our community not just a small group. Republicans, Democrats, independents, those who are economically challenged and those who have been successful business leaders have all joined together to endorse Bart Hansen for Position 4. His supporters cross all demographics because he truly represents us.

Mary Elkin


Bart Hansen and Larry Smith approved the unpublished CRC Final Environmental Impact Statement while serving on the C-Tran board. They failed to represent residents when they approved the unpublished report after only a 30-minute presentation from CRC officials. State law requires public input with such actions. The CRC project portends “severe disruptions” to commerce during nine years of construction. A 2008 City Resolution M3663 instructed the CRC to address construction disruption — they did not. Hansen and Smith failed to follow through on the resolution.

Josephine Wentzel has been bravely speaking out for residents for years. She deserves our vote for Vancouver City Council Position 4 and thanks.

Robert Dean