Talking Points: Grim Reaper appears




What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Paul Allen is the Grim Reaper. … At least according to Yahoo Sports.

Adrian Wojnarowski wrote on Friday that it was the Blazers owner who “stepped out of the shadows, declared himself as the hardest line of the hardliners and played the part of the improbable boogeyman in these dysfunctional labor talks.”

The jist of the report seems to be how Allen spends and spends and spends and doesn’t have an NBA title to show for it.

So he’s lost interest and is going to take his basketball and go home. The report points out that Allen still hasn’t hired a GM, and the team appears to be going sideways … not up.

So in came the Grim Reaper to the NBA bargaining table on Thursday to put a stop to it all.


Theo Epstein’s move to Chicago became official on Friday when he resigned as the Boston Red Sox general manager to take the Cubs job.

As David Letterman brings up the big curtain and asks: “Is This Anything?”

The Cubs haven’t won the World Series (as we all know), since 1908. They seem to think the man who ended the Red Sox agony will fix this.

Only time and billy goats will tell.

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