Talking Points: MLB needs to use replay more



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There’s a fine line between adhering to tradition and being merely stubborn. Which brings up a question: Why does Major League Baseball refuse to adopt the wider use of replay to review umpire calls?

In the fourth inning of Saturday’s World Series Game 3, first-base umpire Ron Kulpa incorrectly called St. Louis’ Matt Holliday safe at first base. The miscue helped trigger a four-run outburst by the Cardinals.

Unfortunately, the blown call will overshadow everything else that happened in the game. And it all could have been avoided with a simple look at the replay.


Sympathy goes out to anyone who might have bet on Oregon to shut out Colorado on Saturday. Not that such wagers are allowed, but humor us here.

The Ducks won 45-2, after building a 45-0 lead midway through the third quarter. Colorado’s only points came when Oregon punt returner Cliff Harris foolishly fielded a punt on the 2-yard line, and then was tackled in the end zone.

That’s a tough way to lose a shutout.


Over the final two quarters last week against Washington State and the first two quarters Saturday vs. Washington, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck put up Heisman-worthy numbers: 24 of 33 for 356 yards with six touchdowns and no interceptions.

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