Letter: Our vets need improved care



I took care of my father, a retired Navy veteran, for four years. I found the opportunity rewarding, but I also found out that the “promises” the government gave his generation were untrue. I find that the same is happening now to our service men and women.

My son, who served his country in the Iraq War, was injured, discharged and is on the waiting list to receive medical care, retraining/schooling, and income to survive. After all this, his unemployment insurance claim has been denied because he needs more surgery and “might” not be able to work or look for work. I am writing to the community to look in their hearts and help find help for all vets.

The Oct. 16 news brief “Vet shoots himself, dies at VA Medical Center,” reported about a vet shooting himself at Veterans Administration Medical Center in Portland, the only place offered to help our vets, and officials said they don’t know how he got the gun? After experiences with my father and now my son, I can honestly say … the government gave him the gun.

Kelly Thompson