Letter: The problem is meth, not liquor



Kudos to restaurateur Tom Owens for his Oct. 2 local view “Initiative 1183 on privatizing alcohol debated, “Yes: End of monopoly will boost competition, aid business, consumers.” Restaurants, bars and retail outlets enhance our community, provide services, create jobs and pay lots of taxes. If I-1183 passes, they will be helped immensely.

On the other side of the debate, Jim Cooper of the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Protection, is concerned about alcohol-related crimes? In his local view “No: Initiative puts excessive profit ahead of community safety,” he opposes I-1183.

I think Cooper should put his focus more on the meth problems in our state. The dealers in meth houses ply their trade, distribute their product and are seldom, if ever, bothered by the police. And their sales aren’t even being taxed. These are the bad guys, Mr. Cooper. Work on putting them out of business.

Vote “yes” on 1183.

Mary Imbelloni