Letter: Spread message of peace movement



I would like to commend the Oct. 10 publication of the story “Christian sit-in attacked, 24 dead in Cairo,” about the attack on Christians during their demonstration. There always seem to be stories about the fighting in Afghanistan or some political or religious uprising, but never enough reports about the peace-seeking organizations that try to raise support for friendly Muslim-Christian interaction.

These movements are specifically prevalent in Indonesia, where a group called Peace Generation has spear-headed countless endeavors such as concerts, soccer tournaments, and conferences to raise awareness of the growing desire for peace between Muslims and Christians. It has also written and released songs, created a set of education material, and more for this specific cause.

I have spent the past nine years in Indonesia, and one of the first things I noticed when I returned to the United States was that no one knew about any sort of overseas peace movement. I think that in our world today, which is full of wars and violence, spreading the stories about peace movements would be a good balance.

Sarah Neveux

Brush Prairie