Letter: Reject I-1163; approve I-1183



I do not support the passage of Initiative 1163 (training long-term care workers) but do support the passage of Initiative 1183 (privatizing sale and distribution of liquor).

I agree with what The Columbian had to say about I-1163. It’s nothing but a blatant attempt by a union afraid of losing clout. Our state has a very good record of taking care of the elderly and disabled. My suggestion is that families visit the facilities where their loved ones are being cared for and become informed of what are good, and not so good, procedures in these facilities.

Regarding I-1183, many of us are interested in having less government intrusion into our lives. I believe we do need some government oversight, but having the government artificially limit the places to buy alcohol is something I don’t need.

My family, like many others, have had tragedy thrust upon them by the selfish acts of drunk drivers. When my niece and her fiancé were killed by a drunk driver, it was in a state that severely restricts where alcohol can be sold. The solution is more education about the negative effects of too much alcohol, not the one currently in place in our state.

Kevin J. McCann