Weather Eye: Halloween looks to be dry, then a mellow November start



Saturday was a welcome break in the weather after our short interlude with rain Friday afternoon. But, boy, it sure was foggy early Saturday, almost like pea soup in my neck of the woods. At least most of last week was pleasant, although on the cool side with several frosty mornings.

My monthly total rainfall for October is 2.39 inches, which is the heaviest monthly total since May. One more shot of rain Sunday, although not real heavy, and then Halloween looks to be on the cool and dry side for evening activities.

I attended the winter forecast conference at OMSI on Saturday and had the pleasure to meet some of you who ventured over. Although there were various opinions and forecasts presented, they all seem to trend toward a more active cooler and wetter winter beginning sometime in December. Most agreed November would be rather benign and probably milder than average, and not a repeat of last November, when we saw temperatures dipping into the teens and a spattering of snow here and there.

Later this week, I will provide more details from each of the forecasters and then let you draw your own conclusions. It was a great event and a packed house of more than 350 persons.

Winterlike weather has already gotten off to a good start, first with snow in the Colorado Rockies, including Denver and Colorado Springs, then on to Texas, where Amarillo had a good white ground cover with 3.1 inches setting a new record for Oct. 27. Amazingly, two days before, on Tuesday, they were basking in 86 degrees! Now on to the Northeast, where 10 inches of snow has fallen in some areas. New York City had over an inch of October snow for the very first time in history.

Enjoy your week as we begin on the mellow side as November begins.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at