Police remove Occupy campers from Portland park



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland police moved in about 4 a.m. Tuesday and started removing the tents of Occupy Portland demonstrators from Terry Schrunk Plaza.

The Oregonian reports (http://bit.ly/tficbU ) police arrested eight to 10 demonstrators who refused to move.

About four-dozen police with helmets and night sticks took down the tents as dozens of campers chanted, “The whole world is watching and the tents will go back.”

Lt. Robert King said the Federal Protective Service decided not to allow the camp overnight on federal property and asked police for help. King says they acted while campers were sleeping and streets were clear of traffic.

The Occupy demonstration had spilled over Monday from two city parks where camping is allowed. The demonstrators were cheered by activist filmmaker Michael Moore who was in Portland for a fundraiser.