Man in Ore. disturbance falls into police hands



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland police officers say a suspect fell more or less into their hands — through the ceiling onto the living room floor.

Officers were called Monday to a house to deal with an intoxicated man reported threatening relatives.

They found that everybody had left, the man had barricaded himself in the attic, and he wasn’t so great a threat.

It wasn’t, says police Lt. Robert King, a situation where officers judged the threat to be worth the risk of gunplay in an attic.

So they left, intending to follow up later.

Then they heard the crash behind them.

Officers returned to pick up their suspect, uninjured by his fall through the ceiling.

The police say 21-year-old Aaron Deon Kinsey was booked on domestic violence charges: fourth-degree assault and harassment.