Talking Points: Titans’ win is Vikings’ loss




What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The Minnesota Vikings lost big-time Thursday, and we’re not talking about any preseason game.

The Tennessee Titans agreed to terms with running back Chris Johnson for a reported $56 million deal. Of course, NFL contracts are never worth that much. One must look at the guaranteed number to know the true value. In that case, Johnson will get $30 million.

The Vikings lost because their top running back, Adrian Peterson, is in his final year of a contract. Peterson is considered as good as Johnson and certainly is as important to the Vikings as Johnson is to the Titans.

So, yeah, look for AP to cash in next year. By the way, we understand any and all running backs holding out for what they feel is a fair deal. Their careers, generally speaking, have fewer peak years than stars who play other positions. All that pounding takes its toll. Get paid when you can.


Another running back is calling it a career. Fred Taylor expects to sign a one-day contract Friday with Jacksonville so he can officially retire as a Jaguar. This happens every year about this time, a player who has left an organization then returns for a day just to go out in style.

Some might think it’s corny.

We think it’s cool.


We heard Dwight Howard dunked on a giraffe the other day. We saw LeBron and Durant exchange dunk after dunk at summer league games.

You know what? It’s getting boring. Well, maybe not boring. The giraffe thing surely is creative. Even if it was just a statue of a giraffe.

My guess is that giraffes don’t play any defense, either. Just like those summer league games.

So c’mon, already, go to Europe and play real basketball.

Never mind. No one in Europe plays any defense, either.

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