Letter: Difference easy to explain



I would like to respond to Craig Sayre’s Aug. 21 letter, “‘Gov. Goodhair’ reveals two faces.” Sayre seemed confused by the fact that Gov. Rick Perry could be pro-life and yet oversee the execution of criminals convicted of capital punishment crimes in his state of Texas. I hope to help Sayre understand the difference.

The difference between being pro-life and being for capital punishment is simple.

Pro-life means you believe that an unborn baby has a beating heart and the right to be born. If aborted, this baby hasn’t been given the opportunity to ever excise their choice.

A person convicted of a capital punishment crime has been allowed the right to live and make choices in life that resulted in their being on death row, convicted by a jury of their peers.

The fundamental difference here is the word “choice.”

One life was ended before choices could be made, the other made choices resulting in a decision made by a court of law to end their life.

Where’s the confusion?

Angie Hinshaw