Letter: Soldiers must be carefully diagnosed



I read the Aug. 25 story “Soldier’s death weighs heavy; Wife: Ranger killed self to avoid another tour of duty” with shock and disgust.

The Army allowed this young man, Army Ranger Jared Hagemann, to go back to Afghanistan six times, and this young man was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. According to Hagemann’s wife, the Army did little to nothing to help him and kept requiring him go back for another tour of duty. I think the Army should be held accountable for his death and probably the death or illnesses of a lot of the people coming back from overseas.

This situation is deplorable, and I hope and pray that his wife and young son will be taken care of after such a tragedy. My heart goes out to them, and I do hope something is done to correct this injustice.

Toni Jacobson

Battle Ground