Vitals statistics




PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

Tiffany A. Barr and Jamie A. Cobb, Vancouver, a boy, Jamison David, Aug. 15, 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

Marriage dissolutions


Black, Teralynn and Warren Gerald.

Cobean, June and William.

Whittaker, Daniel L. and Tamara M. Woman’s name changed to Burdick.


Billups, Kevin Dean and Kimberly Ann.

Kuhn, Yeleezaveta and Kristian.

Lee, Bee, and Xiong, Lee.

McNamara, Suni B. and Nate B.

Miller, Nathan Paul and Sarah Dee.

Roberts, Christopher Eric, and Teausant-Roberts, Melissa Joanne.

Tesch, Cindy I. and Brian J.

Marriage licenses


Bellinger, Cristian Michael, 42, Vancouver, and Cunningham, Emily Renee, 38, Vancouver.

Biley, Vasiliy Ivanovich, 22, Vancouver, and Khriptiyevskiy, Olga Vitalivina, 17, Vancouver.

Cavanah, John Lee, 49, Gresham, Ore., and Janson, Lynn Marie, 48, Vancouver.

Gaskill, Jonathan Edward, 38, Vancouver, and Portilla, Julie Ann, 38, Vancouver.

Greenfield, David Lee, 51, Vancouver, and Brown, Connie Lynn, 45, Vancouver.

Hahn, Thomas Matthew, 30, Vancouver, and Devoy, Victoria Elizebeth, 27, Vancouver.

Humphrey, Dustin Robert, 25, Vancouver, and Jackson, Kandi Elaine, 26, Vancouver.

Leonard, Lane Douglas, 42, Ridgefield, and Brewer, Melissa Ann, 26, Ridgefield.

Manning, Samuel Johnathon, 27, Round Rock, Texas, and Usinger, Lindsay Michelle, 26, Round Rock, Texas.

Roulston, Robert Anthony, 42, Vancouver, and Hurst, Jennifer Ann, 34, Vancouver.

Sakrisson, Timothy Alan, 36, Ridgefield, and McIntyre, Shanna Jo, 34, Ridgefield.

Segrin, Robert Fredrick, 33, Vancouver, and Shoemaker, Rebecca Lynne, 30, Vancouver.

Spitler, Mark David, 56, Vancouver, and Mihaly, Lisa Marie, 48, Vancouver.

Vasquez, Jose De Jesus, 31, Vancouver, and Hernandez, Angelica Maria Alvarez, 24, Vancouver.

Wilson, Christopher Wade, 28, Brush Prairie, and Mundy, Amanda Martinique, 28, Brush Prairie.