Letter: Listen to the real people



Since reading in The Columbian about Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s, R-Camas, decision to hold controlled (other than town hall) meetings I’ve waited for some reader views to emerge. Surprisingly, there haven’t been many. The Columbian’s editorial staff decided to do it for the rest of us in a well thought out and pointed manner, an Aug. 31 editorial “Avoiding attention: Herrera Beutler shuns the same spotlight that helped her get elected to Congress.”

Surely there are those of us who feel our feathers have been ruffled by an absence of town hall meetings to air our concerns, or more importantly, how only select individuals become the mouthpiece for our elected representative to hear. Herrera Beutler should provide The Columbian with a good selection of town hall dates and get on about hearing from the folks who elected her in the first place. Otherwise, better luck next time.

Neil O’Donnell