Letter: Unleashed dogs pose many hazards



It amazes me that some adults have such a hard time following simple rules. Vancouver is fortunate to have the Columbia Tech Center Park. A beautiful green space to run, shoot hoops, have a picnic, walk your leashed dog, or go for a nice stroll, except when you are confronted by dogs not on a leash.

Time and time again I hear from these rule-breaking dog owners that their dog is friendly or they just want to play, and if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it 100 times that “they won’t bite.” Well guess what? I don’t know that when I am confronted by your dog that comes charging across the field to get to me and my small dog.

It really is unfair that some dog owners are ruining our walk. If you want your dog to run unleashed please use one of our beautiful dog parks like the Dakota Memorial Dog Park on Northeast 18th and 172nd Avenue.

And while I’m on a roll, if you think no one sees you look the other way while your dog does his business, you are mistaken. I hope it’s not one of your children who brings that home on their shoe.

Michele Wheeler